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Tabisa's day
The Day I met Inuyasha, and The Gang

The Day I met Inuyasha, Kagome, Sango, Miroku, Shippo, and Kilala.

Well it was a few weeks after I met Sesshomaru that I met his younger half brother Inuyasha. It started when I woke up in camp seeing that Lord Sesshomaru was not there. I went to go look for him with out Rin and Jaken of course. I could not find him so I went back, but when I went back... Everyone was gone. "Shoot! They must have left with out me. Dame it Jaken." I walked down the road looking for them, but instead I found a small Neko. It had yellow fur two tails, and some black markings. "Oh... Hello there..." It stood in front of me growling for a sec, but then it stopped walking over purring at my feet. I knelled down petting it. Then I picked it up. "Well aren't you friendly" "Nyow" I giggled when I herd voices calling a name. Then Two women and a monk came out of the woods. All three of them looked at me and the Neko one of the women in a strange out fit said something. "There she is." the other woman in a kimono called a name "Kilala." The Monk was looking at me the entire time. "Hello.. Thank you for finding ower friend." The neko jumped out of my hands and when to then. I bowed my head putting my and behind it. "No problem. Actually your friend found me. I'm kinda lost." I herd two more voices behind me, and the smell of demon. I turned seeing a half Dog Demon, with a Fox child walking out of the woods looking ower way. The dog spoke first then the fox. "Ah I see you found her. can we get going now." "You found her. Kilala." I know right away by the smell, and looking at him that the Dog must have been Inuyasha. So knowing that I also know by looking at everyone else who they were. I glared at Inuyasha, and he just Ignored me. "Your Inuyasha" He looked at me then. "Yeah whats it to you." I looked at every person pointing. "Then that must mean... Your Kagome, Your Sango, and Your Miroku. Of course the little Fox hear is Shippo. and that Neko is Kilala. I only know that because you said her name." I smiled at every one looked at me suspiciously. Kagome walked up to me. "How do you know us." Miroku and Sango nodding to the question. "Yes do tell. I am wondering this myself. I giggle putting my hand back on the back of my head. "Oh I'm sorry. I know Rin, and Jaken... Rin's a friend, and Jaken... Well he's just annoying. Heh. They told me all about you." Miroku nodded. "Oh I see. Well then..." Sango cut him off "Then that must mean you traveled with Sesshomaru." I nodded. Inuyasha started walking away saying something. "Well then that must mean you know how much of a pain he is." I looked at Him walking away. "What did you say?..." He turned slightly. "You herd me. He's..." Kagome cut him off. "Sit." I look at Kagome nodding in thanks "Thanks" She smiled back. "No problem" I stated walking away. Miroku stopped me. "Wait... You never told us your name Miss?" as he said the h put his hand on my rear. Sango waked him with her boomerang. I stepped back not minding at all. "Oh yeah.... I'm Tabisa. Its nice to meet you all. Even the furball, but I can't stay. I must find My Lord. Goodbye." As I walk away I hear Shippo and Kilala. "Did she just call Inuyasha a Furrball?" "Nyow" I giggle, but I don't hear a reply.

Soon after I found Lord Sesshomaru and the others.


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