Tis true. As the title says my baby the Hydra is down.The engine seems to be sputtering, and as any skypirate worth his salts knows thats cause for alarm. That means the Steam Pumps are acting up. First instinct was to check the pressure gauge. Well that bore no results. All it said was the pressure was low (dam these cheap parts)
Well next I checked the boiler room.Thats where the problem was. It seemed the Boiler had a large crack, about as long as an arm, down the side causing the pressure to drop greatly. Normally not a bad thing, seeing as i could close that up with a blowtorch.
But today that was not the case. The great drop in pressure also caused the main Gauge Assembly to bust, and the hoses with it. So I will be Clipped for a while.
Regardless I am enjoying my stay. I met quite a few lovely people and in some sense am kinda happy to be Clipped.

More later. The Hydra isnt going to fix itself