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..:: (<->) BUMPED BY GAPPOPO (<->) ::.. <--Just so you'll alway's remember it xD

Well first of all......If you are reading this. Thank you so much, it means alot to me that you took the time to read my journal.

Okay....well I'm quiting mainly because I'm bored of gaia D:
There is way WAY to much drama all the time, and I suck at being an Exchanger. xP

I started offer witha scarf, and now I can't afford one. That's how bad I suck LMAO!
smilies/icon_xd.gif smilies/icon_heart.gif

Well just wanted to let you all know I love you, and to take care.

I might be back for Christmas to give away the rest of my items to friends as gifts. Lol

Well take care ya'll, and have a Happy Holiday smilies/icon_heart.gif ^^

Dont ever forget me you butt whipes D: <3

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Gappopo's AIM: Gappopo

You can also get ahold of me on my Myspace....the link is in me signature x3

Much Love, bye ya'll ^^.
Tomorrow's going to be my last day xD