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People Who Pissed Me Off Today
Alright...I was at the Library and I had to wait for the person using the computer that I was going to use next. So i had to wait about 10 minutes and I left to do something. (( You have to enter your Library Card number to save your spot on the computer once the person before you leaves so that noone else can take it. In 5 mintues if you don't log in someone else can take it.)) So anyways I came back and it was my turn, BUT there was this girl sitting at the computer. I walked over and said "Excuse me." She TURNED to me and gave me a "WTF Look" Then she got up and walked over to her friend. But that's not what made me mad. It was this, she and her friend started TALKING about ME across the TABLE. I could HEAR everyWORD that they said. It made me want to punch/slap those b***hes back to next monday. But I thought to my-self..."Come on..your the bigger man it's okay."
While they were still talking and making fun of what i said...As if I was looking down on them or something. BUT ALL I SAID WAS EXCUSE ME!!!!!!!!!
What did they want me to say??!!!
"Get out of the chair it's my turn. If you don't get up I'll kick your @$$ off of it my self you f**ken b***h."
I'm so mad right now.