What the fuuuu-?!


Oh you did, did you?


            Right now, I can't say that I'm not happy with my life.
            It's going absolutely amazing.
            I mean, the only thing that could possibly upset me is the CO of the Marine recruiting up here, where I live.
            She turned me down at first because of some counseling almost five years baccck.
            Even though when MEPS saw my paperwork that okay'd me.
            Probably why my recruiter doesn't like her all that much. Bish.. emo
            But, even then if things don't go well for me here I have a recruiter in another county able to get me in.

            I'm absolutely jubilant.

            &&Just in case y'all are wondering.
            No, I didn't actually j**z in my pants.
            That'd be a very difficult feat for me to accomplish.
            I'd have to applaud any woman that would do that.