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-April 7, entry #3.

The fluffs have been disguising themselves. They can change with their surroundings. There like chameleons. I saw a fluff go infront of a guard and then it turned into the color of its metal. They Have shaded into the color of my armor and sat on me. It wasnt intil i took it off when i noticed it. I must learn how they do it. If i could learn, i could i could try to change myself. I must study them up close.

-April 8, entry #4

I am staring at a fluff that bounced twards me and cuddle my boot. This was after a cat rubbed against me. I guess he thought i wouldnt hurt him if he acted like that. I didnt just attack it, but held it. It looked at me with the look of a cute cat. I might have to keep him. He hasn't let me see him change since he has a likeing to me. I might be able to scare him if someone scarylooking comes by.

-April 9, entry #5

I had gotten Leon to look at the fluff and it change to the color of my armor then jumped into my hands. What i saw is little speckles shot has and changed color. I hope i wish I could learn how to get the speckles and use them. I will continue my research. Until again, Lufia Cloud is out.