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Finally, a Quest! (Aww... done.)
I know, it's a bit weird... but I've always wanted to quest on Gaia. Everyone else does it, and it seems like fun.

However, I wasn't sure what to quest for. I mean, I have or can get relatively easily almost anything I could desire on Gaia.

Except... now I'm intriqued by something I saw in Kali's wishlist:
URL was here, but I just found out the admins requested the URL not be spread around smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif

And I'm wondering to myself... is this item real? My interest was further intriqued when someone mentioned in the "Gaia Gaming" forum someone "wearing a cat band, but it wasn't normal, it was made out of that goldenrod paper."

Thusly, I am questing for...
Crumpled Xerox Paper Goldenrod

Because you can not easily get this item by just gaining up gold or trading for items, it will actually take me awhile, like a quest should. It is further complicated by the fact that this paper is only available at dawn/dusk.

To further limit myself, I will not allow myself to buy paper at higher than these prices:
3 gold per piece on bunches lower than 100 pieces.
3.5 gold per piece on bunches over 100 pieces.

Does the "Goldenrod Paper Cat Band" really exist? I intend to find out! smilies/icon_heart.gif
14 pieces bought for 28g
51 pieces bought for 100g
10 pieces bought for 12g
10 pieces bought for 20g
23 pieces bought for 50g (donation from Lin Maru smilies/icon_heart.gif )
10 pieces bought for 25g
50 pieces bought for 100g
13 pieces bought for 30g (donation from Lurking Turnip smilies/icon_heart.gif )
3 pieces bought for 5g
18 pieces bought for 40g
156 pieces bought for 425g (Ohyes! Djinncat's store)
100 pieces bought for 200g (bid was accepted!)
8 pieces bought for 8g (donation from Guan Hittori smilies/icon_surprised.gif smilies/icon_heart.gif )
77 pieces bought for 77g (another Guan Hittori donation ^^)
Total: 1066 (bid on 90/180)

As long as I'm going around, I might as well see if I can get patchwork boots out of it. I've always thought they were pretty neat, anyway... 95/1000

December 3rd: The end...
Obviously, I got a lot more than I needed. But I LOVELOVE the new Exchange system for stuff. smilies/icon_heart.gif If anyone is really, really wanting a paper cat band, now would be the time to ask. Or other Goldenrod paper stuff, of course. I only made this one. *points at head* smilies/icon_heart.gif