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Draka's Rants 2
Subtitle: Tell me I'm wrong...

Okay, don't you hate it when people whine about things that ought not to be whined about? To make the first sentence clear I'll give you an example that happened to me last year.

I happened to be in the bathroom, minding my own business, when this girl busts into the bathroom and dials the phone. Then I proceed to hear this (While I'm trying to go to the bathroom and this did not help the matters anymore) *preppy voice*"Daddy?! Come up to the school and bring me a pizza now. Why? ugh... because the school food like sucks and I don't want to eat it. What do you mean no? UGH!!" *click*

There's the example. Just deal with the school food. It's not going to kill you to eat it (yet). I almost yelled at her while she was on the phone. Seriously. I seriously was going to yell "Hey!! Look!! Deal with it! And next time check to see if someone's in here, because unlike you I have to get back to class immediately, and you need to stop bitching to daddy about how school food sucks and you want this and that bullshit. Shut up and leave!" Yes I was seriously going to say that.

I mean, if you were raised like I was nothing so small and so easy to fix will bother us. I mean if we hated the school food so much, we'd wait...and wait and wait until school's over. Take whatever money we have and go to Mickey D's which is down the road. Or just wait until we get home and chow down like dogs. (I do that anyways when I get home after eating lunch at school as well. But I try waiting for dinner to let my mom know that I'm not anerexic and trying to eat right)

I want you to go out, and if you see a chick whine about how she got a soft taco other than the burrito she ordered, go over, slap her, take her soft taco, unfold it, and then roll it up. Hand it to her and say "Bon Apetite b***h, there's you god damn burrito...and enjoy." (My spelling sucks).

Eh, maybe this wasn't much of a rant like my other ones, but it brings us to the moral of this blog.... don't b***h to daddy in the bathrooms at school about how school lunch sucks when some other b***h is in the stall and slap a b***h if she whines about her soft taco not being a burrito.

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