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My Bio <3

Name: Egrotatio (Meaning Sickness in Latin)

Age: Mid-20's

Abilities: The ability to bend and contorl darkness (strange for a Hero...) at his will, for the use of invisibility, barriers, and beams. Extreme stealth and speed. Heightened senses used for tracking villians.

Weapons: None but his fists and mind. Other than this, his power over darkness can manifest itself as a weapon.

Info: Egrotatio is very calm and doesn't let things get to him. He is very peaceful unless somebody does something very, very bad. He would even attack another Hero if he despised their actions to that degree. He was born in Aekea, and one day when he was nine years old, he was abandoned in the middle of Barton Town. He lived on his own for a year, and eventually wandered into the Zen Gardens, where he trained. After stumbling upon an ancient cave, with a mysterious spiritual statue deep in it, he gained his powers.

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