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Game list trying to get it all into one small area.
Starting with my collection with the Sega Master System, up to two players, mostly black, up to 4 megabytes of gaming fun smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif controllers had start/select a/b and a d-pad (directional pad)
Afterburner: Sega Master System, seemingly 1 player or just remember one player, you fly an F-14 or a plane that is very similar to that one and you blow things up as you go along. , Review: can be fun as long as you don't mind no story smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif
Hang On: Sega Master System, just remember 1 player smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif , more or less you are on a motocycle, Review: probably one of the few racing games I would play willingly
Thunder Blade: Sega Master System, again can only remember one player smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif, more or less you are in a helicopter blowing things up, Review: kind of like After burner but in a helicopter
Time to go onto NES (Nintendo Entertainment System)
cartiage based system up to two players, maybe eight if you had the giant running pad smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif controllers were as simple as you got them, similar if not the same as the Sega Master System's controllers

Captain Skyhawk- NES, remember one player, more or less like an improved After burner, Review: can be fun though memories of frustation are also there...
Castelian- NES, two players I think, can't remember, review: can't remember game so can't review
Dragon Spirit The New Legend: NES, one or two players, you take on the form of a dragon and go through stages vague story lines I can remember Review: good fun...
Final Fantasy: NES, one player four characters, its an RPG and with the option of choosing and naming your characters its somewhat different from most of the other Final Fantasy games, Review: Can be fun
Guerrilla War: NES, one or two players, its a shoot'em up type game, you are one of two characters (if two player) and you basically kill allot of people to take down some sort of "evil" person at the end, Review: good ice breaker
Jackal: NES, one or two players, again shoot'em up, this time you are in a jeep and its harder then Guerrilla War, Review: one of my favorite games when the NES was hot, its still one of my favorites
Jaws: NES, one player, go head to head to the killer shark, review: it was fun though there were long moments
Lazer Invasion: NES, remember one player, shoot'em up, more or less you blow things up, review: memories of frustation flow like flooding toliet.
Life Force: NES, one or two player, shoot'em up from side point of view, you go around blowing things up more or less, Review: can be fun... bring a friend.
M.C.Kids: NES, one or two players, Mcdonald's had a game... this was it, you are one of the mc kiddies who is in Ronald's tripping world..., Review: Frustation and confusion ahoy
Megaman 3: NES, one player, Megaman must stop more evil robot masters, Review: it can be fun
Megaman 4: NES, one player, Megaman must stop another group of evil robot masters, Review: again it can be fun, more features were included I think
The Little Mermaid: NES, One player, you are the little mermaid, Review: twas ok
Ninja Gaiden: NES, One player, ninja action..., review: didn't really get into this game
Robocop 2: NES, one player, Robocop..., review: like ninja gaiden, didn't really get into it
Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt: NES/NES, One Player/One or Two player, First super mario game/you shot things, Reviews: Ok/Fun, kill the dog?
Super Mario Bros 2: NES, remember one player, the return of mario along with a few new friends, Review: twas ok, not really me
Super Mario Bros 3: NES, One or two players, another super mario game, more things were included, review: probably the best one in my opinion
Super Team Games: NES, One to Eight players, sport type game, you basically compete in sport games for a chance of victory, Review: good for retro gaming parties/ice breaker if people don't mind running
Talespin: NES, one player, based off show, based off show, Review: doesn't remember playing it
To The Earth: NES, One player (might be two), shooter, you go on this flight through space and blow things up, review: didn't do well on it
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: NES, One player, based off show, you do things slowly working towards finishing it, review: seemingly long
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3: The Manhattan Project (I have two cartiages of this one): NES, one or two players, based off the series kinda, you play as one of the four turtles Leo, Raph, Don or Mike, Review: it can be fun, invite friends
Yoshi: NES, one or two players, think like tetris but with a yoshi theme... and you got it, review: not much time spent on this game.