tadase-king chara
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syaroan opens his eyes at last seeing kurogane and fai as he nods and jumps out water wondering what happen sakura in jumpy way. "no need worry she resting in my girlfriend chi room.

sakura walks around chi room bit looking around and amaze of how big room was chi walks in greeting her with hugs telling her everything at kingdom.

tomoyo questions fai "do you know enemy that we had deal with" as he replied. youkai. "what the hell is youkai kurogane asked". "please watch your mouth, anyway thought you knew by look on your face. um your drag these days old friend" he nods. "no I don't I just heard they were banished after they disobeyed goddess ruler of honika. isn't that right?" "yes they did he punish them by banishing their powers. he took them way after he used them as experiments centries ago"explaining story and theory in his chair after they walked out sanctuary into his office to talk.