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Been a while, no?
I almost never use my Gaia journal, and I haven't had a chance recently to update it anyway. Actually a few things I need to update here and there... I usually use my DeviantArt journal, for those that pay attention or care. smilies/icon_whee.gif

In any case, I was gone from the beginning of November to Christmas Eve. Why? RTC Great Lakes, A.K.A. Navy Boot Camp. Yes, for those of you who missed the discussion, DA journal entries, and signatures, I'm enlisted into the Navy now as an Intelligence Specialist. I'm writing this from my A-school (job training) during my lunch break, and it looks like I'll have moderately good access to the internet, as well as the space to handle models and such for my 40k endeavors, though time for either is the more contraining part.

So in any case, that's me for about the next 6 months, a progress update for all of you.