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Rant on Bad roleplayers
You know, i've recently come back into the world of roleplaying because not only did I wanna help a friend, but I missed the enjoyment I had.
I'm already beginning to regret it ...
As I glanced through the hundred upon thousands of RP's, I saw a good few that in my opinion, were complete crap!
They had a terrible plot, the profiles weren't even a single line long, and the basic punctuation was non existant!
Excuse me if i seem rude, but a bloody decent storyline and basic use of grammar is NOT much to ask!
The worst part is, the mods can't do bugger all about it because they're barely in line with the rules of the forum.
If I was a mod, I would of not only locked thier RP's. but written up new rules stating that you need to use basic grammar when writing the storyline, have a decent profile skeleton, and anyone who doesn't abide by those rules gets one chance, if they mess up once, fair enough, just tell them to read the rules and politely ask them not to do it again.
If they did it a second time, ask them why they didn't listen the first time, and if they have no decent excuse, ban them.

I'm sorry to any mods of the guild i'm talking about who read this, but I'm simply stating my opinion, i'm not a mod, so I can't do these things. However I just wish that I, or someone else, could.

Thank you to all who read this and know what i'm talking about.

This is your RP literate, n00b hating Ollie, and that's it for now.