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let me tell you
Alright, this is not a letter not a declaration nothing of that sort. But i am 16 and i can tell what they are doing is out of whack. The MC that used to come out are $2.50 and i never baught a single one because heck $2 is way too much to spend on a game. I can understand people charging 20$ a month like WoW dose because that's for a game and it keeps you connected but this item you just get and ... that's it. no future no nothing. They even make the fish Gaia cash...that's low...and worse yet the fish don't last more than 20 weeks..the least the MC last fervor but the they die and worse yet there worth MORE than the MC are now, and even worse than that they stopped trying on the MC. have you even looked at the past 4 month worth of MC? I haven't liked one yet. I am not asking for gaia to become totally free i am saying if they keep this up there not going to last.

It comes down to this,Let me tell you whats it all about, The dollar bill and people just keep going on about the dollar bill and nothing else around them, no love no nothing, nothing else just the dollar bill bringing them underground.

Edit:: Alright looks like they are trying a bit more on the MC...still don't like much of them though but its better than the last ones. But the bad thing is the fish still are dying and even though some have 40 weeks + to live they still don't last even though that's a while to wait. The bundles they have are good money savers but...still $12 bucks..that's an hour of my life i ant getting back. I suggest discount cards or something along those lines its probably would get them more customers.

{Starting an art auction soon : ) }