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Christmas: A time for gifts, family, and young offenders.
Well, a merry christmas to everyone, and hope you got all the stuff you wanted. I know I sorta did. A few things I really didn't expect, like a suit, complete with crappy tie and button to the neck shirt from my brother for example. Also got a wii fit, which was more for my parents than anything xD
Well, as my title says, Christmas is a time that people think of gifts, giving, and spending time with those that're close to you. What some people don't generally think about, yet still associate it with. Is burglary.
let me try and explain what i'm talking about here:
Earlier tonight, as I was playing on my new wii game, we got a phone call from a friend down the road telling us she'd seen a group of kids hanging around the back of ou houses. So me and my dad walk around the back of the house to see, as my dad pokes his head round the corner, 4 kids, no older than 13-14, who were coming this way and had walked right up to our back window, turned around and began running.
This, obviously, sent warning bells through my parents heads.
I walked round to the front and watched what they were doing, whilst at the same time, making sure that not only could they see they had been busted and that they were being watched, but so that I could hear what my mum was saying to our friend, who's house they were close to.
Eventually, my mum pursuaded our friend to set an alarm off by pressing the panic button. As soon as she did so, one of the kids began running, the other, fell off a gate, got up, began running, fell over again, and then began walking at a very fast pace.
Maybe it was the fact he fell over twice, maybe it was the craziness of it all. But suddenly I just burst out laughing!
Four kids, younger than me, thought it'd be a smart idea to break into someones house on Christmas .. What is the world coming to?
If i'd of seen them and managed to grab ahold of one of them. I would of dragged him into the house, probably kicked five kinds of crap out of him, then called the police and told them that he'd broken in and I was only defending myself. (Spanish police would of locked him up for that, because they wouldn't believe that I would drag some kid off the street and knock him senseless xD )

Actually .. i'm just acting like an idiot, I wouldn't of done any of that, i'm too cowardly to hit someone without a really good reason XP

Anyway, hope you guys had a better Christmas than me, and happy new year as well. ^^