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A New Angel Fighter to Save your Day
"Oh Heavenly Armor, sommon yourself to protect me. Help me Blue Angelic Warrior to battle againts the Darkness and Evil. Give me Power!"

That's the chant i just created in October 1, 2005. I just created it after gather my new dress from friends. It is soo cool! My friend help me also to create my Angelic Avatar. I called it "Chidori, The Fighting Gaia Angel". But my power is only Level 2 because it is not yet completed.

I need one of those equiptments in order to upgrade my avatar:

smilies/icon_heart.gif Staff of Angels
smilies/icon_heart.gif Winged Anklets
smilies/icon_heart.gif Angelic Wing

Thats all I need. So please help me with my quest.