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People who are part of my Gaian life
-Nimmery is me captain
-CokePixie is the Court Jester
-Razor Blade Rain is the Town Idiot
-SkippeRose is my Shoaffer
-Made in Holland is Santa
-Zelkiiro Mardel is the Local Useless Superhero
-DirtyMary is the Town Whore
-Calyka is one of my many types of Masters
-Befu is the elf
-Vaguely_Imaginary is the stranded pirate who lives in my shed
-Typical_Shorty is my Captain's Anti-captain who I luvvle and respect
-Anata is Madame in a Burlesque house located beneath my bed
-shoaffer is my lawyer (Oh you and your Law and Order)
-Jennykins is the Queen of Magical Brownies
-Thalimon Dailzar is the local connection/liquor store owner
-demon tomboy girl is the village nutcase (Not to confused with town idiot)
-abcbadcat is my official transporter/get away driver
-battosai-regan is the random cosplayer
-kinky_02 is the whip mistress
-Rannchan is the pastry chef
-TomtaJolz is a lumberjack! And he's okay.... times 35

PM if you want to be part of my Gaian life! If your a random person who I don't know, but happened to stumble over my journal, don't ask me something like "Heh heh, can I be your best friend?!?!??!!!?"