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Lucky to be
The rosy morning sun
is never more beautiful
when casting ruby waves
over your sleeping eye.

Your warmth beside me,
that ardent and amber glow,
is sweeter than golden champagne,
and comes better with age.

You light the brightness of day,
every golden yellow break of morn.
I sleep in Saffron's hypnosis;
a dream that comes to life.

I find the best in things
through you myrtle eye.
And the joys in blessed life
through your harlequin ways.

I remember the warm, balmy night
when we met under sapphire skies.
An electric aura struck me through,
and whisked me away to azure bliss.

None are blessed than us,
in our forbidden lavender love.
We have felt the thistles of woe,
and battle together to live as one.

As we walk this path alone,
I'll remember always this road,
lined with fuchsia stones,
and think to myself, I love you.