Today was Quite interesting I had a midterm I didnt study for which is ironic that I have a midterm in history after the most revolutionary moment in american history which is quite odd. I tried to test my new Galvantism Philosophy the life in 6-D pretty interesting. I had a good relationship with three girls today which is odd since I never find myself with one girl having lunch or something together more then once a day or with more then one girl maybe Im getting better at this. This Un-Gravitfy techno remix I add to my playlist is all about Galvantism to major frequency levels on the epic FM scale propogating some serious EM waves and gravitfing noises like attraction and repulsion at work nice. But im living only to expand reality to any and all possible scenarios is the very definition of Galvantism as we as miniscule beings have great unamaginable power as existence itself helps expands reality itself.