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journal story!!!(add a character if you want!)
post it as a comment please!and keep in mind we are in feudal japan(like on inuyasha) and you can be human,demon,miko,or whatever the hell you want!!!ok here's me!(yes i get to add more characters than other people cause im da writer!)
user name:Uber-bani-ga-ru^^
name:Kyohaku Shinori(call him kyo)
abilities:great swordsman,incredibly fast and agile,pretty much the normal fire demon stuff(think hiei...except nicer)
weapon name:Getsueitou
bio:the best known bandit in all of japan.his next target is the lord's temple.what he finds is not treasure but...

and now my girl:
name:Meinoru Munari
abilities:she's a powerful miko(shhh...this is a secret but shes also an ice demon...well half anyways)
weapon name:no name(its a staff by the way)
bio:her father is a corrupt ice demon mascarading as a human lord.the bandit Kyohaku comes to steal but ends up saving meinoru