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I'm not able to connect to livejournal right now, which is my usual choice of personal journalism (what an oxymoronic term that is -- personal journalism. Heh), so perhaps I'll update here?

Thanks to the invention of e-mail and the internet, now I not only get homework on weekdays when I see my professors, but also when I don't see them on the weekends and at night. What began as a few trickles of "Here's the reading assignment I meant to hand out in class" and "make sure to have x done by monday" has now become a roaring waterfall of second assignments and last minute requirements.

At first I thought I must be really behind or something to be getting so many out-of-class assignments, which was why I started to really overwork myself trying to get everything done as soon as possible, but it turns out my instructors are simply getting very lax with their notices and using e-mail a bit too liberally. Still, I wish I had known that before I went through two burn outs that left me feeling sore and defeated trying to fight something I didn't even need to tackle so quickly.

Nowadays when I'm feeling tired or unmotivated, I think to myself about how few weeks are left (a little over a month) and how I'll be able to go back to doing things that I find greater meaning in doing than what I'm doing right now. I'm glad time is going by quickly, even if it means I need to do all of my work quickly too.

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