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ToushiroxLover's writings of insane Phenominons!~
just the typical thoughts of an unsane creature roaming the earth and missing my home planet while passing the time by digesting sweets and saving perfectly fine rabid dinosaurs.
this entry is dedicated to the legend of zelda games!! bear in mind that i'll probably edit this entry regularly, so check up on it often if you have any care to my thoughts....well, back to topic!! smilies/icon_3nodding.gif

lets start with ocarina of time. now, i can tell you everything there is to know about getting through this game, everything from skultulas to the alternate ending, and in between! (actually, i did a runthrough of that game recently, and in a little over an hour, i was ready to grow up with 10 hearts and enough skultulas to get the giants wallet! ^^ right, back to topic!) but there are some extra things i figured out when i stopped to think, actually they're just theories, but it seems like an awful lot of coincidences to me....

lets start with the annoying owl that stalks link on his journey, named Kaepora Gaebora for those of you who don't know- i believe that he's the reincarnate of rauru, the sage of light. now before you say how stupid that idea is, bear with me and listen. there are two gossip stones just outside the sacred meadow in the lost woods, which if you talk to with the mask of truth say the things that started my theory. (though i never put two and two together until recently, stupid, i know) the first one says that "the owl, named kaepora gaebora is actually the reincarnate of a sage" (wording might not be word for word) but it doesn't say who he is the reincarnate of. yet the other stone says that "despite his size, the owl kaepora gaebora is actually very light hearted", the wording of this is unique, isn't it? it could very well imply the owl is the reincarnate of rauru. however, it wasn't until i stopped to think about it that i realized the other things that support this theory. there are small things, like how when the owl flips his head upside down (a habit of his when he's talking) he looks a bit like rauru, but there are bigger, subtler things as well. one could say that the owl can't be the reincarnate because rauru isn't dead, but he basically is, after all, he can only exist in the sacred realm- he said so himself, so the owl could be the reincarnate of himself outside the temple. plus, who other than one of the ancient sages would be so knowledgeable of all the parts of hyrule (he commonly educates link on various places), and there's also the fact that as soon as link left kokiri forest for the first time, the owl seemed to already know that he was destined for great things and to be a hero, wouldn't an ancient sage know of such, and feel obligated to guide the child of destiny? so why didn't saria and ruto and the other sages know about link? one might retort against my theory. but they are all the reincarnates of sages, so they couldn't know exactly what link was, what's more is at this point in the game, none of them were awakened- yet saria did say at the beginning that she knew link would one day leave because he was different, so she must have had a feeling. also, if each of saria, ruto, and the others were the incarnates of ancient sages, why couldn't rauru too, have been reincarnated? and have you ever noticed, that when link grows up, you never see the owl anymore (except at the spirit temple, but i'll get to that later), that's because rauru finally got the chance to talk to link face to face, and explain things more thoroughly to him, so that link wouldn't need guidance from an odd owl as he gathered the sages, he was grown up enough to handle himself. if you play through the game as you're supposed to, then the spirit temple comes last- you see him when you learn the requiem of spirit, and later when you come back as a kid, but how would he know that it was the final temple, or final sage? if he were a sage himself it'd seem more plausible. and here's my last bit of proof, at the end of the game, all the sages are seen gazing out at hyrule from the top of death mountain. now of course rauru isn't there, as mentioned before, he can't exist outside the sacred realm, but it just so happens to be that the place the sages were on death mountain was exactly where our owl is always seen perching when link was a child- do with that what you will. now you could still stand there and say that my theory is a load of bull, but if you ask me, there's way to many coincidences for it to be nothing.

{more thoughts soon, next we have the yellow suit and getting under the ice at zoras domain!}

{yep, let's hop to it then}

now this isn't another one of my out on a limb theory, more like a "that's cool" or "huh" kinda thing i wanted to share. let's start with a bit of a history lesson so you'll know what i'm talking about later. doesn't it seem strange to you that after you defeat each of the temples, things return to normal, yet the water temple does not? what i mean is, right after you go to the forest temple (and beat it), already kokiri forest is monster free, and after you beat the shadow temple, all becomes as it was in kokiri village- and so on. so why is it that zora's domain remains frozen when all is done? the answer lies within the game designers themselves. you see, after the original zelda came out (in 1986), and after that the adventure of link (1987, which was an rpg incidentally- you could level up and stuff! O.o), the zelda games received widespread popularity. then, just when everyone thought it had died out, a link to the past came out in 1991, and with its better graphics (for the time) and incredible storyline even compared to the others, gamers were soon demanding more. next came links awakening (1993) which was the first to be handheld, and also the first to take place out of hyrule. it was received widely by gamers once again, and the zelda rage continued. yet another game didn't come out for years, and then, people saw previews to the legend of zelda, ocarina of time. it's graphics towered above that of any previous zelda game, as did gameplay, and the storyline was great to boot- any zelda fan's dream... but that was the problem. gamers were impatient to get their hands on this sure to be awesome game, and the designers were forced to push the release date back again and again, until it came out five months earlier than originally intended. (november 1998) yet the game was awesome, even without being entirely finished, and was very successful both commercially and critically. It ranked highly on IGN and EGM's "greatest games of all time" lists, and scored perfect scores in several video game publications. In February 2006, it was ranked by Nintendo Power as the best game to ever appear on a Nintendo console. so nobody seemed to mind the slip up in zora's domain. but the slip wasn't intended, the designers planned to have the ice melt, and for there to be a fairy fountain you can't enter as a child (though nowadays people have glitched their way in as a kid) that would grant link the sword beam technique (like from majora's mask), however, because the release date was pushed back so much, their plan never became tangible. sooo.... now that you know that, on to my "that's cool"/ "huh" thing. i'm sure it's common knowledge by now that in ocarina of time one can get the yellow suit (i'm not getting into it right now, if ya wanna know, look it up, it's a pain... but worth it i guess) which has the powers of both the blue and red suits combined into one. many considered this a glitch or a cheat, but it seems pretty uniquely placed and specific to me, i mean, it had to be intended for something. now of course, if you know what you're doing at lake hylia, one can get into zora's domain as an adult with just the blue suit, and walk around under the water. eventually they're bound to see this cave like thing they can walk into, but unfortunately, one can't get into it that way, the screen will just go black. however, if you get in as an adult with the yellow suit, you can see the fountain- which has become known as unicorn fountain (don't ask), it looks like any other fountain ('cept the unicorns) and there is a triforce floating off to the side. you can' t summon a fairy however, and nothing really happens.... but it's there, and that's what gets me, having a blade beam, it would've been so awesome... it's kinda sad that its not there.... smilies/icon_crying.gif actually, from the original intentions, to the beta version, and then from the transition from japanese to english, lots of stuff was removed! here's some pics.

the legendary unicorn fountain, obviously, someone glitched to get in as a kid, but that's it, don't ask me what the statues are meant to symbolize! no clue..smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif

here's a picture of one of the unicorn statues incidentally, i'm not sure how a horse and the triforce go together though....

here's some pictures of other things that have been removed from our usual versions we play.

i like the shadow effect in this one, but it's definitely not a place i've seen before- a removed dungeon perhaps?

here's some pics of what the swordbeam would've looked like apparently, different from majora's mask.... hmm

here's a pic of link all angry and serious, never seen that in the game, and what the heck shield is that?! must've been a basic form of the hylian shield...

here's a picture of link surveying some sort of situation, it looks like something from a cutscene cuz of the camera view... but it's not anything i've ever seen....

this one is from a magazine, now we can all recognize the place, but the picture looks really grainy and old.... and let's all take a moment to notice that young link has equipped things only adult link can wield.... the master sword, hookshot, megaton hammer.... and light arrows?! O.o and what's he doing in this picture? wierd pose.

i ain't never seen this place before, looks like some sort of speedway.... link doesn't seem to have many hearts for being grown up.... also notice that he can still use bombs, his ocarina, and even the master sword while on horseback.... i woulda like to have seen that!

i can sorta recognize this place, but not the girl... perhaps some old design for a kokiri child? here's a better pic

yep... still don't recognize her....

your reaction probably is wtf?! where's that in the game? we all know that link never sees all of the triforce as one, especially since ganandorf took the triforce of power with him when he was sealed into the sacred realm.... what i've managed to gather is that this is somewhere in the japanese version of the game, if that's true, it really makes you wonder what else we're missing when we run through this game....

okay.... is like checking out a possibly better looking malon here? (sure looks like it from his pose), also navi seems to be yellow, does that mean she thinks malon is an enemy or something? also not that adult link has the fairy ocarina equipped (i think he does in a couple of the other pictures too) which is impossible in the versions we play.

if i had to take a guess, i'd say this is hyrule castle area.... but how is link standing right in front of the guards without being thrown out? it can't be very far in the game either since he has nothing equipped..then again.... he has a lot of hearts....

don't recognize this place... perhaps some old design for the gerudo area? his magic meter looks different too, and he has a bow for his main weapon and his sword equipped to C... also, he has the forest medallion equipped, what the heck does that do?! probably some awesome spell or something cuz his magic meter looks different.... i wanna see! smilies/icon_crying.gif

this is the last one.... everything has to be basic designs, still i like the light effect on the ground, obviously they're in a room with windows.... looks like the stalchildren have changed a lot from this picture... and link seems to have gotten shorter from this picture as well (if we're thinking young link...)... he sure can carry a lot of rupees.... and also notice there are no C buttons, just bombs and a sword....

{okay... i'm officially a zelda nerd!! O.o but there's more... next we'll transition from ocarina of time to majora's mask, and discuss that link DIDN'T travel to another world, but rather another country.}

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