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OMFG, I bet you wish you could...!!!1!!!one!1!
FAQ me, here's a journal entry!
Hehe, I haven't posted a journal entry for a long time, so I figure I'll do an updated FAQ for folks.

Q: Will you be my friend?
A: I love making new gaia buddies, so by all means, send that request. I never turn anyone away less they give reason to *cough*beggars*cough*

Q: Will you donate?
A: Believe it or not, I'm not loaded. All my wealth is in item form, mostly, and I don't much want to give up my things. If I have some liquid assets and your quest is either near completion (I wanna see you made an effort), you're an amazing friend, or your quest is inexpensive enough that I can help you out, I will probably try and help. Don't message me asking for items. PMs are a shortcut to my ignore list. Post a profile comment, and be thorough. If you're short just 1k of your goal, say so. If you've done a lot of legwork and could use a hand, SAY SO. I appreciate hard work.

Q: Do you like getting comments about the eyepiece?
A: Who wouldn't? I very much do, yes. Almost all the comments I've received, even a year after my win, have been positive. I try my best to reply when I can (I suck with profile comment replies. PMs are nice for this <3).

Q: Do you get money from sales of the eyepiece? How much did you win for making it?
A: I won 500k and the glory of my item being created. That's it. I didn't get a free one from Gaia (Someone was kind enough to gift me a whole set. I have their name somewhere. smilies/icon_razz.gif I'm so unorganized!) or anything, and I certainly don't get a cut of sales or anything. I also had no hand in setting the price. That's allllll Gaia staff's doing.

Q: Do you take art requests?
A: I do commission pieces, but right now, my queue is full. I have REAL MONEY commissions on my plate, and those are my priority. I hope to soon be opening back up for commissions, and when that happens, I'll make an announcement as such. I do not do free art less we're REALLY good friends (example: IRL friend or online equivalent), or you have a contest that I simply cannot ignore (meaning I get to draw really amazing characters or the prizes knock my socks off). If you have a contest that you think I might be interested in, let me know, and I'll check it out.

Q: Where'd you get those animated gifs?
A: I DON'T REMEMBER! T.T I have them in my photobucket though, and I'll gladly hand them over if someone wants em. I just ask that you save them to your own server if you do that. Google images is how I find most things. smilies/icon_razz.gif

Q: How much are commissions?
A; How much are you willing to pay? Ha ha! Normally for a full body full color CG piece, I charge a minimum of 50k, one character. Sometimes I have exceptions (ie. repeat customer or tasty bribe smilies/icon_razz.gif ) or deals, I also charge less for smaller pieces or simpler pieces. If you have a girl in a peasant dress and you want a headshot, it'll be supa cheap. If you have a super cluttered avi and you want full body...well....50k. Heh. If you have a question on what I'd charge, I'll do a quote for you, free of charge, even when I'm not accepting commissions.

Q: WoW...do you play?
A: Yes. Rekki, troll shaman, lvl 70. Server: Arthas. Look me up and we'll hang out.

Q: Do you play on Roliana/Maple Story/etc?
A: Roliana, yes. SweetMiserie on there as well. I also have a Maple story character my niece had me make. LadySerryn is the name there. Look me up. I r n00b. hehe

If you guy have other questions, here's the place to ask. smilies/icon_biggrin.gif

Quest For Ember - COMPLETE!!
"Designer of the Holographic Eyepiece!"

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