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The Queens Journal.
Antics and journaling's of Queen Goldy

Her eyes fluttered open slowly, crystal blue shimmering faintly in the darkness of the dungeon. A bone thin hand reached out slowly, pressing against the cold stone of the floor beneath her. She could feel the cool of the earth against her face and arm as she lay there. Slowly Ellissindra pushed herself up into a sitting position. Her hands jerking to a stop as she realized she had been chained. Tied down to a world that was not her own.

Biting down on her lower lip she moved to stand. Tugging at the chains that linked her arms and ankles, holding her in place. A soft whimper passed her lips as she dropped to the ground closing her eyes and dropping her head into her hands. Long white hair fell in curls about her face as salty tears rolled down her cheeks. I can only remember the last front she thought to herself as she went over the last battle she could remember. They had all fought like beasts, she remembered the blood curdling screams of her kin. The spray of demon blood on her own pure white tabard as they cut down there enemies.

Then it was blank, nothing. Darkness had washed over her, and for how long she could not stay. Shaking her head slightly Elly moved to kneel in the center of the room. There was nothing significant about the place, it was dark and smelt of old water. A single window hung high above her head, bared to let it only the faintest sliver of light. Sighing softly she reached out her hand, passing her pale fingers through the light slowly as she listened to the clanging of the chains at her wrists.

Ages past and the forgotten child of the Lord hung in peril, though it is said she was saved. Oh so long did she sit undisturbed in her silent tomb. One day the sound of battle was heard, the clanging of weapons and the sharp crack of lightening in the air. The sound of voices, the common tongue. Light filled the room as men and women alike filled in. She counted but four, the Drow, a human mage, and a man and women who seemed to be more then just friends. Milky white eyes moved slowly over the people as she searched for words, but none would be found.

The human spoke first his words where soft and held a strange accent Elly had never heard. Tilting her head slightly a frown passed her lips as she tried to back away. The chains clicked against each other as she stepped back stopping her backwards walk and holding her in place. The human had ceased his speaking and was beginning to advance on her, though he didn’t seem a threat she could barely keep her body from trembling. Closing her eyes she bowed her head in resignation, awaiting the final blow if it would come to that.

She only heard the first dull thud, it seemed to start at the end of the link of chain and slowly creep towards her. The ground trembled beneath her feet and a soft cry of pain passed her lips. The soft glow about her seemed to flicker as her knees buckled and she slumped to the cold stone floor below.

Darkness once more, it seemed she was destined to fall constantly through the dismal nothingness.

Blinking slowly she pushed herself into a city position. I must be dead she thought frown passing her lips. Her hands moved slowly to brush over what felt like soft grass “how long has it been” she whispered softly as she lifted her head. She was no longer below the ground no longer in that stone dungeon. Lifting her hands a soft smile passed her lips. The burning sensation at her wrists was at least more then just the steel cuffs digging into her already scared wrists. Dried blood stained her hands and forearms, but even that meant little when the prospect of freedom was so close. Dropping her hands back down to the grass she sighed softly.

Around her the strange group of four lay out on bedrolls. Only three seemed to be asleep, though which one’s she could not say. Shaking her head she moved to stand the chains at her wrists and ankles clinking softly. She half expected them to still hold her in place, though it seemed they would not. A soft smile passed her lips as Elly moved closer to the fire that burned in the center of the group.

Ellissindra felt a hand on her shoulder and she bit down on her lip as she spun around. The Drow stood there a smile on her lips. It was strange to see such a creature, ebony skin and violet eyes. The girl had short chopped gray hair -most of which was hidden beneath the hood of her cloak- and she wore the clothing of an adventurer. The cloak was by far the most interesting piece the Drow wore. It seemed to shift colours when the women moved, blending into the background.

“You owe him your life” She said softly as she stepped back from the angel a slight smile passing her lips.

Elly had been so engrossed in looking over the women she nearly missed the Drows words. Sighing softly she gave a slight nod of her head. “aye, and how would I do that?”

The Drow gave a soft chuckle “You will fight in the rebellion alongside us” she said “We are in need of one who battles, and Rashid seems to believe you have knowledge of such things. Else we would never have came to rescue you”.

Ellissindra bowed slightly “I suppose such a thing could be said” she whispered softly “though why he would wish the help of an ancient who has been locked away so long is beyond me.”

The Drow smiled as she moved to sit beside the fire. The sky had turned a soft hew of purple and orange above the tops of the tree’s and light was beginning to filter through into the clearing.

“will be leaving soon” the Drow women said “If you wish to wash up before we begin for the day I would advise you do so now”.

With that being said the elven women set about making a quick breakfast. Ellissindra gave a slight nod of her head and took the chance to slip away from the group. Her feet carried her down the hill the Drow had motioned to and she soon came across a shallow river. She watched the water for a few moments before looking back over her shoulder towards the camp. The angel wasn’t fond of another seeing her well she bathed, especially not one she didn’t know.

Slipping back into her white slippers she pulled her hair over her shoulder and began to braid it. She walked towards the camp, the sound of voices reaching her ears as she dropped the braid against her shoulder. Coming up over the edge of the hill she watched all four heads turn in her direction. The Mage, Rashid as the Drow had called him smiled softly as he looked her over and a soft blush passed her cheeks. She bowed her head as she moved closer to the group not entirely ready to chat with any of them yet. She would rather watch them and get to know them before opening her mouth. Taking a seat away from them she rested her hands in her lap slender fingers toying with the ends of the chain links that where attached to her wrists.

more to come....

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Community Member

Mon Sep 15, 2008 @ 04:23pm

Chained to her destiny, unable to fight against her need to fight. Who better to wage the final battle? The chains of obligation hang heavy from our wrists, tugging us down into our fate faster then mortals can comprehend. A wonderful installment in the life that is Goldy/Ellisandra. I look forward to reading more my friend.

User Comments: [1]
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