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Haunt of the Void
So... I wanna know, why people in general, seem to get obsessed with me, to a certain degree? I used to think I was too flirty, I dropped a LOT of that... Now what? I wouldnt know even if I tried to understand. Am I too sweet? well ********, I'm sorry but I cant change that, I'm just being me...
Now, now, I dont mind if people like me a lot. Its ok. Its even very flattering. But there's been a LOT of s**t going on, in my comment box, and sometimes in PMs too. Look, Dont b***h Becca, ever again (you know who you are) If you do I'm not even going to talk to you anymore.
And Not only her, I mean I dont want people going all jealous of each other over me I'm friggin worthless get over it people I'm a normal guy whose perhaps very literate, and quite charming, but nothing more than that.

Just please... stop the random emotion jolting over jealousy, please... smilies/icon_sad.gif

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commentCommented on: Sun Aug 10, 2008 @ 02:02pm
-Glompz- It's amusing when you make a new journal entry. :3 *Fishie face* You ish very literate.. Hmm, I never noticed that before. ;D I like literacy.. o 3o But youz not worthless; Not to me anyways. ;D But.. But.. I should prolly goo~ 'Cause I dun want people getting mad at mehh. Dx Baii. :3

commentCommented on: Wed Aug 13, 2008 @ 03:45pm
Hey now...
I happen to be one of the many obsessors.
What is it that people find so wonderful about you?! Well, maybe it is because you are sweet. Not really sure. I just like the fact you never judge anyone and you come off as very genuine. Plus you have a habit of making people feel good about themselves. Even when you are being slightly perverted. But that's why I love ya.
Please don't get mad at us for not wanting to share you all the time. It doesn't make us all bad... smilies/icon_heart.gif

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