Accepted Characters

Name: Ellissindra Fandrangle
Age:3457 add a few more decades to that and you will have my real age...a real lady never reveals all her secrets
Race:Forgotten angel Undead cursed soul.
Faction: Chaotic Evil.
Weapon(s):A pure white quarterstaff with wolves carves in circles around the wood, The Golden Long Sword -seenbelow-
Powers: Flight.. oh those pretty wings aren’t just for looks. Small white pixie wings sprung from her back, replacing her once pristine white feathered wings.
Healing: Goldy regenerates.. what you’re a troll? No Cannibalism lovey, I eat what I kill…but she can also heal others, with what small amount of her magic she has regained from her third death.
Elemental:: Fire:: I can create explosions, I suspect this is because of the toxic waste in the lake. O.o
The White Quarterstaff:: Allows me to befriend wolves, and grants me the ability to ‘speak’ with them. It’s also a +3 weapon. lol D&D
White Magic..Strange gift for a villain, but it's mostly tricks and illusions.
Bio:Elissindras life was one filled with peace up until her 475th birthday. Demons broke out on the earth, the devil unleashing his hellish spawn. She was part of a special faction of warriors, known for there skill with quarterstaffs. As well as there ability to communicate with wolves, a special gift granted them by there Lord. She watched as her comrades were picked off one bye one. There arms and legs ripped off in a frenzy of bestial brutality. Her last memory was of one of the beasts great gapping jaw coming towards her, and then blackness.

She awoke to find herself beneath the ground, in a large open room. No windows to shed a light unto her weary eyes. The constant smell of charred flesh her only friend. Here she stayed through many decades, her will to live strong as she sat haggard beneath the earth. She passed out of time and space, drifting from the memories of her kin and they from her.

Ages past as she sat chained beneath the earth. Thick steel links holding her captive in the hidden room as villages were built and re-built above. Alas one day she was rescued, found beneath the earth. Her life spared, and an eternal dept earned.

Rashid was the one who saved her, and the one she felt her first death for. The cold steel blade of the half demon slicing through her slender neck. She remembered those last moments in the passing of her third life. Her ‘rebirth’ had been different that time, she had been born a child. But that story had been told already, and we hate to bore you with these things. The death for that life had been painful, as had the after life. Gaunt and disgusting, like some maggot ridden carcase that somehow held and air of eloquence and grace. Her mediocre abilities where nothing compared to the hero’s or villains of the world.

Her third life held much more promise.…

The lovely Gage gave her the third life. An arrow to her chest and the darkness once more washed over her. She fell through time and space in a matter of moments. Past lives flickered before her closed eyes and what happened well she was out one could not say. Only that Goldy became a more twisted version of her first self. That long forgotten angel who once help so much power durring the rebellion. The battle master who called the drow friend and walked willingly into any battle.

Appearance:User Image