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Never handle a sick snake.
Here's what happened, my high school's anime club had it's first meeting on Friday. The teacher that sponsors the club teaches Environmental Science amd she has live animals in her room. Rabbits, ferrets, insects, lizards, and of course snakes. Since the snakes aren't venomous the students can hold them, so I was given one. Soon, I noticed the snake was very still, at first I thought "Oh s**t, I somehow killed it!" but it opened it's mouth and. . .vomited. Yes the snake vomited. Two mice actually, the first one whole but the second with a partially digested head. I helped clean up, and I was given the nickname [booming voice] THE PUKEBOY [/booming voice]. At first they just said Pukeboy, but I insisted on adding The because I've always wanted a nickname with The in it. Before an PETA members come flying in and shower me with fake cow's blood, the teacher assured me that I had nothing to do with the vomiting, that particular was just having a few problems.

One last thing that'll disgust you. Next Monday is my anime club's second meeting (we meet Mondays and fridays), it is also the "initiation day" Thanks to some trickery I was able to find what it is they'll do. They'll show all new members (including me) a video found on the internet. The video? It is of an elderly woman dancing in her underwear. I kid you not. Oddly, I'm not scared, hell, I've seen a man's intestine's come out of his. . .rear end. Not to mention all those yaoi doujinshis and pics my friend subjected me too, and would continue to if I had a computer at present.

And that's why I love my anime club.