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The Best Catch There Is
What the ********?
Seriously, WTF? (Scroll down to the interview with one Mary Fowler to see what I'm talking about.) I know that, as a liberal, I'm supposed to be 'tolerant' and all that but this... this... there are no words. I'm just sick to death of this kind of stupidity and ignorance.

Update: For anyone who read my post about Bill McKibben's article about Christianity in the U.S. I have now have a link to the full article posted. Happy reading.

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    It just goes to show you. Pat Robertson knows everything, and he's always current on the news. I mean, how does he keep up with all those priestly values and millions of empowering anecdotes sent in by Christian families in the Midweh- er, nationwide? People everywhere else are so downright negative and (I should really watch my mouth) liberal *shudders.* Why, back in my day, any man who loved a queer was strung up to a fence and left there in the sun for a week or two...that's right, "my day" was 2000-04. Boy, don't we live in wonderful times? Well, aside from those AIDS-carrying, gas price-raising, heathen, no-good queers, of course.

    Seriously, does she think the man who experimented with cocaine, who answered "how do you think you'll be seen in fifty years?" with a laugh and "who cares? We'll all be dead!", who decided it was a better idea to put trillions into researching how to put a man on Mars while tanks had nothing but scraps for armor, whose best defense against a guy who said his social security policy was garbage was to ignore that part and cut straight to calling him a "flip-flopper," is a man of god???! Really, the Bible needs to update these things, because you just can't call it a current news source in this day and age... GAH!!! >-<;;;

    Ah, and thumbs up to your liberal mind and resources, blue! ^^b

    comment NoSuchCreature · Community Member · Wed Aug 24, 2005 @ 08:45am
    holy WOW not even comenting on that

    comment LabTech Deusy · Community Member · Wed Aug 24, 2005 @ 08:58pm
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