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Well... Life goes
Hello thar! ,

I'm tired... I was workin at Hap Ki Do for a while... I held wall splits for 15 minutes straight.

I also have decided,

I'll take a walking route to school next year... Our family won't spring for the bus passes

Subway rules da skool

Word games still rules all other forums

_(Name undisclosed)_ at the Hap Ki Do studio can go ******** herself if she can't take a small ammount of pain

My LJ is better than this one, but I don't care. I'm gonna keep up somewhat with this for a while

I've also been included in an ode by Nimmy for the guys in the WG forum.
She also has a genarally fun journal. Better than most books I know of, so here's a link:

Nimmy\'s Journal

This is a list of friends I've made in the word games:

-Jenny_chan (I've decided to smilies/icon_heart.gif her)
-AddItUp (She... Just rules)
-Nimmy (SHE'S SO FUN!!! smilies/icon_whee.gif )
-Home Cookin (She has a great little forum. And I orgied with her XD)
-CokePixie (Found her in the wordgames, with a question about smoking)
-TomtaJolz (He is awsome... And the only guy I have on the memorable list.)
-.o.Malicious.b***h.o. (Picture wars!)
-Loving Little Smile (... Well I doubt you look like your avatar anymore. ^_^;smilies/icon_wink.gif

There is alot more and if I forgot you, you still have a place in my heart. smilies/icon_3nodding.gif Just these people made an everlasting impression! Wether it was being nice or complealtly humliating theirselves. What ever it was they stuck in my head and entered my friends list

Well here's somemore stuff

Simpsons Quote of the day Wrote:

"Yo sensia. When do we get to break blocks of ice with our heads?"
"First you must fill your head with wisdom. Then you can smash ice with it."

Hap Ki Do advice of the day Wrote:
Work up the basics until you are confident you can advance"

Picture of the day Wrote:
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Fun word game answer today. Wrote:
In the God/Goddess above you thread I got
"You are the God of Insanity"


Word games rules.

And since I've been neglecting to update this thing, I need to to catch up on gushing about it.

GD is cool too.