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Random Firings of a Philosophical Rebel
If I had a cooler title like "Cruel Intentions" more people would probably read this, but I'm too lazy to come up with a good title now. Inside will be thoughts, musings, rants, poems, maybe short stories, and other random stuff. Enjoy.
I can lead a nation with a microphone.
I can.

And I will.

Oratory has long been the hidden power that leaders everywhere used to differentiate themselves from the masses. Speech lends itself to those who use it well, and disburses its power to those who actively draw on it. Famous quotations abound from world leaders, and many all-but-unknown entities can gain a modicum of fame by simply constructing a memorable phrase borne out by mores and ideals.

Who among us can forget "I have a dream" or "Ich bin ein Berliner"? The leaders of men appeal to men to "lend them their ears" and man obliges, harkening to those who inspire and reach to the greatest recesses of feeling and emotion. I am going to be cliche here, and, in a discourse on the power of speech, I shall quote at will. Publilius Syrus declared "speech is the mirror of the soul; as a man speaks, so he is." Leaders of men consistently elevate themselves before society and, through words and phrases, establish to their public that they, and only they, are worthy of leading the masses. Adolf Hitler revealed himself through his speech. He was arguably a madman, but he was a genius as well. He made no secret of his goals and ambitions, and he made it clear he would stop at nothing to ensure the success and establishment of the Third Reich. In so doing he revealed himself as a power-hungry tyrant, baring his soul and introducing ideas for all to bear witness to and to latch on to.

Many psychologists have argued that most successful orators in history have had a nigh-hypnotic power about their speech. While I disagree with the idea that there is an innate hypnotic power in some orators, I argue that it is possible to learn the advantages of charisma, of playing the crowd, of meter, rhythm, rhyme and grammar. A well-constructed speech will captivate a crowd as surely as if a gold watch was being swung as a pendulum in front of each of their eyes. Why do you think men have died for the power of words? A truly amazing orator not only projects his opinions and beliefs upon the masses...he makes the masses believe. Therein lies the key.

Belief. Religion operates on the principle that belief shall govern life. Crusades and jihads have been fought in the name of religion. I, as an orator, can, and will control the public. I will become religion. I will become law. I am, and will forever be, believed in. Belief in me, in the power of my words, shall grant me unlimited power. The greatest leaders in history have so convinced men to believe in them that 300 Spartans stood against 10,000 of Xerxes' best. 150 soldiers held the Alamo from countless thousands of Santa Anna's men. Make them believe, and you have them. They are yours, henceforth. You can do anything with those that believe.

I can lead a nation with a microphone.

I can turn men's souls until I am their deity.

I can summon many who will die for me.

I can give you the world.

I can make you believe.

I can lead you.

I can.

And I will.

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