It's because I love my lover so much :'D

So0rie I forgot to write yesterday~
Well not really, I was just lazy xD

lol I'm working on Guitar Hero 2
I beat medium career mode with the normal ps2 controller, then tried hard, and it was CRAZY
Everything's l1, l2, r1, r2, then orange is x?
I mean seriously
wtf LOL

so I biked over to my friend's house, (the one who lent me gh2 in the first place), and kidnapped her guitar controller xD
I really suck with the guitar controller too lOL
There's a video of me playing somewhere on my youtube haha xD

Today's been good C:
I LOVE Gary x3

rofl yar, I changed my avi xd
I was jus gonna change the hair cuz the blue didn't really match the Alice in Wonderland thing.. but now I jus changed the whole outfit, ahah xD