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Britain's Got Talent Saturday 14th June 2008
I went to the one at Sheffield and it was FREAKING AWESOME!!!
Easily the best concert i've been to!

I loved every single act, especially the Thriller act- which involved Nemesis, Signature and GEORGE!

Speaking of which, he was great and everytime his name was mentioned the crowd went it's wildest! I didn't want to leave!

After the show, I got a T-Shirt! Which I love to death! I had also bought a program beforehand XD

We went outside, only to realise that George was signing autographs! We went-hundreds of people there- and had no chance of getting one. Most people left, then the photographer piped up saying that George was coming back so we waited and waited and waited. THEN HE DID!!

It was a publicity thing and he didn't sign anything else, but, he did throw his bandana into a crowd at the top end of the railings where we were stood. He started to leave and blew a kiss towards our end of the railings, then got into the car, looking extremely happy and completly bewildered at the same time. We waved our programs like crazy but he didn't sign anymore. He waved to us and the car started to leave, we waved him off.

We had heard that he would be signing near the exit, so I ran like a crazed idiot to the car. He was sat there signing things with a crowd around him- again. I shoved my way through and FINALLY GOT MY PROGRAM SIGNED!!!!!!!!

So, after Intense heat, sweat, screaming which naffed up my throat- I'm gonna pay for that in the morning >_< - injuries and insane running- which made my foot spazz up and spassam- for a total of 3 1/2 hours ( 2 hours for the concert, 30 mins to get home and an hour running around for an autograph) I GOT ONE!!!!!!!!!

I'm such a happy fangirl right now, it's unbelievable <3 I'll never forget this!

Much love, fangirling and general crazyness <3

Jo xxx smilies/icon_heart.gif