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a very fun day indeed ^_^
alyssa came over today at 1:00 P.M.

we went to fridays for lunch, and our server was seating us and she said something "i like ur..." i think she was talking bout my eye make-up cuz she then said she was in cosmetology school and quit cuz she didn't have the patience or whatever. ( my eye shadow was black on the ends,with pink and white)

we then had yummy strawberry lemonade's. we got refills and it looked like alyssa had a chunk of strawberry at the bottom. she tried to get it then lifted it up. it was not a strawberry, but a SCREW!!!! we were like what?!


so we told the waitress then a manager got her a free app. coupon.

then we went to best buy and we got cute wireless mouses that are pink smilies/icon_biggrin.gif

then we went to the movies and saw the strangers then indiana jones.
and i saw another co-worker going into a cinema and said "hey! how are u" and another guy i worked with was like "you know him??" and i was like yaaaaaaaaa... i WORK here. lol how funny. he didn't know i worked there. der. lol

after that we did some mini golf, she then came back to my house and watched cloverfield


great day