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A journal for all to read. Give me ideas of what to use as entries.
Stuff to help out those that want it. A study guide, and more for all ages.
School Notes(This was for the final part of an Exam.)
(I'm taking an electronics class, and I need this for that class.)
RAM - random access memory
ROM - read only memory
volitel - something changing or changeable
nonvolitel - the measure of the state of instability.
P.O.S.T. - power on self test
PROM - programable read only memory
EPROM - erasable programable read only memory
EEPROM - electronic erasable programable read only memory
The cpu is the brain of the computer.
To defragment a computer means to sort the information that needs to be sorted in a computer.
A floppy disk is a disk inside a hard shell. The disk inside the shell is called a cookie. They could be used to hold files, games, and movies back in the day.
Perifials - a piece of computer hardware
Different cables send information at different speeds. IEEE 1394, or Fire Wire, was created by Apple.
USB - unisversal serial bus
IRQ - interupt request
Zipfiles - easy ways to hide programs
ISA - industry standard architecture
(I will be getting more information later. I have a test over this tommorrow. I'm cramming tonight.(what sucks is i don't have a printer.) Those that are reading this, this journal won't be erased. All this info was mainly found on Wikipedia. Will later be named Computer Terms and info.)

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