EDIT, clearing out the art part, plan to set it up later. So things that read "reserved" only with no title before, have no content - and are set to Private.

This Journal Entry is to link to my other Journal Entries that I have reserved.
I might do something with the rest of them, but currently they hold nothing.

Since these are links to my other entires.
When clicked, they pop up as a new Window, so don't fear ^_^

Gotta do something about this too. currently set to Private
Jan 29, 2009
[03/31/08 09:22pm] [stuff I did with windows paint]
My bitmap comics - Reserved 7

June 19, 2008 >>>NOTE HUGE HIATUS<<<
[3/31/08 09:15pm] [sort of kind of minishop] (And list is full, so no orders please)
CaramellDansen - Reserved 5

April 2008
[3/31/08 09:13pm] [Bitmap edits for free use (not uploaded yet)]
- Reserved 4

Going to be redoing these, so they are set to private.

April 2008
[3/31/08 09:10pm] [some Screen Caps i took]
Screen Caps (10 images) - Reserved 3

April 2008
[03/31/08 09:09pm] [people who drew my avatar]
Avatar Art to Me - Reserved 2

January 2008
[12/29/07 06:11pm] [my Bitmap comics]
Nyoro~N (14 images, format PNG)