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"My First Manga" project...
I'm already into my first manga, the "Broken Butterfly"...! I'll update soon as the progress goes...!

But then, i'll tell you what the comic is about...

Our young hero, Fuji, met a mysterious girl named Kira infront of her mother's tomb. Fuji, intoxicated with Kira's beauty, he is in hopes of making his "Beloved Rose" fall in love with him and tries with his hardest. Not both knowing that Kira's mother, Serena, listens in and watches them both in a form of a "Broken Butterfly".

But there is a twist. Kira, has a secret. With an aid from her mother, she changes into a butterfly, taking its form now and then to feel "what it is to be like them". Will they ever fall in love despite the change...? Or will Fuji's weird fear of butterflies surpasses his love for her...?

Will come in soon...or will take longer...