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Is This Thing On? :: Sosiqui's Gaia Journal
To-Do List
Because apparently I need one of these to help me remember what I must do. @3@;

The Fuzzy Slipper Shop (Shop Work):
- Custom: Djnn
- Cosplay slippers: Renji, Dist
- Finish Valentine's raffle slippers
- Cert March monthly slippers
- Do a wave of growings
- Update owner's list
- April monthly slippers
- Finish breedings
- Cert all breedings
- Another wave of growings!
- Secret series slippers... smilies/icon_ninja.gif

Fa'e (Shop Work):
- Fix all images in both guilds

Fa'e (Roleplay):
- Finish RP with Sei
- Schedule an RP with Shina!
- Get Frith arrived ICly already, gawd ~_~
- Update journal as needed
- Update art on front page as needed

Edelsteine - Illumin (Roleplay):
- Nothing much here until we get out of the Ashlands.
- Make new lines for front page
- Update history post
- Update art
- Log Ashlands RP
- Post Ashlands solo/s!

Edelsteine - Tian Yue (Roleplay):
- Write solos. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
- Finish RP with Gianfar/Gabriel
- Finish RP with Kawagiri
- Finish RP with Nergal
- Finish RP with Lucius
- Solo reaction to RP with Lucius
- Finish RP with Zhijian
- Finish RP with Betha
- Solo w/Nebula
- Update front page:
--- Add dragon form picture
--- Fill out post about the Stars of the Zodiac, already!
--- Update art post as needed
--- Fill out history post

Edelsteine - Phaedra (Roleplay):
- Solo post-meeting with Jahara and Ixa
- Solo pre-meeting with Neva: searching for the Fleece
- Finish RP with Sh'khin
- Finish RP with Neva
- Finish RP with Torrent
- Finish RP with Gelezis
- Finish RP with Kaelin
- Intersperse solos as needed, go with the flow
- Solo w/Tian Yue
- OOC: Plan the Fleece plot, you lazy a**! ~_~
- Finish Phaedra's front page, you lazy a**! ~_~

Tall Tales - Pyroxene (Roleplay):
- Solo: Sosiqui's musings
- Finish RP with Linny
- RP with Jiro
- More solos as needed: working with the Mnemosyne
- Introduce tr0ll
- Fish for more RP
- Finish front page

GMFC - Airyn (Roleplay):
- Solos in natural continuation with Frith and Riven being more active. Not hard.
- Finish front page

Bleeding Hearts - Frith (Roleplay):
- Finish front page
- Get him BORN already! ~_~
- Logical continuation of the above.

Ieldi - Odilen (Roleplay):
- Finish last part of journal pages
- Set up RP with Zayn
- RP with Zayn
- Update art

Other Roleplay:
- Edelsteine: Penny and Panacea
- Kitsusagi: Sumigami and Origami
- ElderSpark: Dormin and Rhapsody
- Soquili: Dahlia and Cricket [link]
- Soquili: Euterpe and Raphe
- Soquili: Euterpe and Konu
- Soquili: Cricket and Ethan
- Soquili: Enter basket RP contest
- EndGame: Watch for results of RP contest

- EndGame: Set up Svana's front page.
- Soquili: Finish tepee front page.
- Needs moar quest funds.
- Continue stalking Soquili for custom slots. Must... get... Rapture...
- Sigmap/kyunru sig for Saiyukii!

As you can see, I seem to have problems finishing front pages. ~_~

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