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Kris's Journal
Just a journal full of my thoughts and such... think of as a diary I suppose...
Gaming Corner
*Dusts off the Gaming Corner*
So today I was bored and I was playing Fire Emblem and then some Yggdra Union on the way to school I suddenly though: "Hey... I should compare these two."

So I am. Of course since Yggdra Union isn't a series I'll be comparing it to Fire Emblem as a whole. And I've only played Fire Emblem, Sacred Stones, and Path of Radiance so I can only use those 3 to compare it to (Although for music I can compared Radiant Dawn as well). So... Yeah!

Hmmmm... This is kind of a tough one. Both games have some good storylines and are both intriguing enough to keep you wanting to play... But I think Fire Emblem would get the cake here. Yggdra Union's storyline is kind of... 'normal' in the beginning (A princess fighting to take back her kingdom IS a bit cliche...) and doesn't get nice until near the end. Fire Emblem has always had pretty good storylines with a good twist or two thrown in.

This one is just kind of too easy. Fire Emblem wins this hands down. Yggdra Union has a smaller cast of characters but they all suffer from lack of development. Fire Emblem has a large cast but the Support conversations give you a chance to learn more about their pasts or goals. Yggdra Union never touches on over 99% of the cast and you only ever learn a lot about say Yggdra. You never know why Milanor is so powerful (He's an illiterate thief who comes and annihilates an elite army of Bronquian soldiers?), why Russel is a reowned swordmaster, why Pamela is obsessed with Undines so much, etc. etc.

This is another tough one. But I have to say Yggdra Union is tougher. Of the Fire Emblems I played really only Fire Emblem was any kind of difficult, Sacred Stones and PoR were just easy. Yggdra Union though can be murderously difficult. You can't "heal" during battle (In the sense you can't recover Morale except for some very few equips), you have a limited number of cards to finish a battle so you're always racing against the clock, and some of the battlefields are just so unfair.

I myself prefer Yggdra Union in this case. Fire Emblem's battles are decided by our fickle friends percents. But in Yggdra Union you can pull off a victory unless you get majorly screwed (i.e. critical hit).

Yggdra Union. Really. Fire Emblem has nice music and all but Yggdra Union has a gorgeous soundtrack. Even the GBA music totally blows away any of my favorite songs of Fire Emblem (Together we Ride, Lights in the Dark, etc.). And have you heard the MP3 quality Yggdra Union music? Totally awesome. Each character getting their own personal battle music is just awesome. (And Yggdra Union's music really 'sticks'. You know when you hear Gulcasa's theme music you're in for a murderously hard battle).

This is one Yggdra Union has to win hands down again. Fire Emblem is about individual characters and that somehow a 'grand massive army' (like that of Grados) is only a few hundred units best? And that you're small group of 10 can somehow go and wipe out a entire battlion of like 50+ troops on their own? Or in Ephraim's case you can march your small band of soldiers into the heart of a empire and do it with, again, like 10 guys?

Yggdra Union's battles only show like... 5 or 3 units but each 'unit' is meant to represent an entire army. Plus a 'turn' in Fire Emblem is vague. Is it a hour? Minutes? Days? But a 'turn' in Yggdra Union is a third of the day so every 3 turns = 1 day. So some of the battles last days indeed. xd

Memorable Boss
Ah... I'm conflicted on this one. The Dragon was a totally awesome boss and all but... Gulcasa was also pretty awesome. I'll call this one a tie.
Plus in Yggdra Union you get to fight a Angel. A uberly powerful Angel that is a insanely annoying fight. Plus in the PSP remake you get to fight the adorable No.367. <3


Yggdra Union. Game has gorgeous art that is superior to the sprites and mugs used in Fire Emblem I'll say. Don't believe me?
User Image

Ok so yeah I'm done now. rofl
I ran out of ideas. If you have anymore I guess I can offer my opinion...

And in closing...
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No.367 says "hi". <3

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commentCommented on: Tue Mar 04, 2008 @ 11:21pm
For Story: Kris, you DID play Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, right? Or even Sacred Stones? BOTH of those games are about a princess (and Prince in SS's case) trying to reclaim their homeland.....

For Characters: I never played Yggdra, but Fire Emblem has had its fair share of flat boring characters: Marcus, Bartre, Kent, Seth, Devdan, Duke Tanas, etc.

For difficulty: I have to admit that besides an annoying chapter or two in PoR, the only difficult game was Fire Emblem. No clue about Yggdra once again.

For Music: Excluding Disgaea, Fire Emblem has some of my favorite VG background music. As usual, no clue about Yggdra.

For Reality: It always bugged me that a few characters could take down an entire enemy army. However, in a couple PoR pics, they do show hundreds of people following Ike.

You have an error in Memorable boss with (( ))

As for art..... I have to say Yggdra reminds me of Riviera, which had amazing graphic. I do have to say the battle sprites for FE are nice....

commentCommented on: Tue Mar 04, 2008 @ 11:33pm
This is true. But it changes about... A third of the way in to hint that something bigger is going on. Yggdra Union though is all about reclaiming Yggdra's kingdom and then taking the fight to Bronquia until about the last... 3 or 4 levels. (Although about 5 or 6 before then you'll know there is a bit more at stake).

Boring they might be but you could at least know more about them (Well some of them). But in Yggdra Union unless the character is Yggdra, Milanor, or Durant they rarely get to say a single line beyond the lines they say when you recruit them.
i.e. Rosary only gets to say a SINGLE line (beyond her recruitment and enemy speeches) if you don't get Cruz.
You never get a good feel of any of their personalties (again beyond a few), their goals, their pasts, etc. etc.

*Shudders* Dragon @_@

Well here's the MP3 quality of Yggdra's battle music.
And here is MP3 quality of Gulcasa's.
And then a video play footage I recorded ages ago xp

Community Member
Community Member
commentCommented on: Wed Mar 05, 2008 @ 01:15am
The sound quality is nice, but still too much of a techno beat for me to really enjoy it. Disgaea still has some of the best music i've heard from a videogame.

commentCommented on: Sat Nov 08, 2008 @ 03:53am
lol that girl is in riviera:TPL... what's she doing there? xd
Also, if you or anyone knows how to unlock the last content of extra content for psp please let me know... it's driving me crazy scream

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