xDD Lmao.

This is a cool event, and I am a goddess ;D It was a little easy though...dont cha think?

Oh yeah, >.> I was scouted for competing team B in gymnastics. That means I get to die of stress, but win lots a shiny gold metals for my gym >=D Oh yeah, go me, its mah birtday.

Sorry I havent been on the internet lately. As per usual, my computer exploded because someone downloaded a virus, so I was forced to 2 torturous weeks without internet *tear* But now I can use my step dads laptop untill the computer gets back from the "Geek squad" ( haha no joke, thats what they are called.) I may not be able to get online as much as I have been in the past, but hey, at least I can get on teh internetz right?
~* Red, out.*~