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uhh yeah so... (chapter five)
Health, period 3, i hated health because I had this health teacher that wasn't even healthy at all! So anyways i never did my work in health but i always made th teacher nuts. so yeah... but that day i didn't felt like bothering her, cause I'm to busy drawing the "Satanic circle" in my palms.
And no i don't belive in the devil, I'm an angelic person, so says me. And in this period i moved into room, 217. I sat next my best friend, Joel. we usually make fun of Mrs. Pacerelle, our health teacher, but we didn't cause we were drawing circles in our hands.
I tossed my jacket that smelled like fish, next to Mrs. Pacerelle's desk, where she wouldn't see it. When I went back to my seat, I saw Joel and he was already done with his work, and was drawing the "satanic circle" in his hand.

"hey Joel, watcha drawin in your hands," i asked him, as i sat down to my seat.

"um... a SATANIC CIRCLE," he shouted, as he showed me his palm. I looked intently on his palm, and i notice that there was an almost looking perfect circle, with a star in it.

"wow, thats awesome, i want one!" i gave him my pen and he started drawing an almost looking perfect circle, with a star in it. It took him a while to draw the little details that made it look satanic, and evil.

"done, here take a look," he said, as he gives me back my hand. i looked and it look real evil and almost satanic. Then all the sudden, i see Mrs. Pacerelle coming down our direction, i copied quickly Joel's answers to my worksheet before she could come. But alas i was too late, she got here when i copied the answers 1, 2, and 3, from out of 25 questions.

"What are you doing?!" Mrs. Pacerelle nagged me. "drawing love circles?!"

"nothing to to do with you hag." i said scornfully while Joel writes down the answers for me.

"go do your work, NOW" then she walk away, but before she walked away I threw a paper ball, and it hit her head. she got mad when i did that, but the bell rang, so she didn't have time to scold me. I left my jacket, next to Mrs. Pacerell's desk and went out to 4th period.

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Community Member

Fri Feb 15, 2008 @ 08:27pm

Wow, that's a pretty lenient teacher! Do you have detentions in your school? If i did that in my school, then my teacher would have probably given me a week's worth of detentions!

Community Member

Mon Jul 14, 2008 @ 02:59pm

OMGSH this chapter is even funnier. xDD

User Comments: [2]
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