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Walking to basketball the snow
I went to a basketball game a couple days ago and my dad was like "Lets take the bus!". We only had to take it one way 'cause my mom and brother were working concessions at the game and they drove. So I thought, why not? Of course then I looked outside and saw that it was raining and about 43 degrees outside. Me, being stupid, grabbed a light jacket thinking that it's not gonna get any colder. Boy was I wrong! On our way to the bus stop I could feel the temp. dropping. By the time we got to the bus stop it was slitting. I was like, "Great...I sure planed this one out."...NOT! Then the bus finally came, and there was of course all the strange people who ride the city bus on there with us(no offense to people who ride the bus). We then got to the main street were we had to get off and get on another bus. But my dad decided to go and get something to eat. So we went and got a burger and it was rather good(I didn't eat anything cause I was gonna eat at the game). Then we had to wait for the next bus to come. So we went into the CD store that was right next to the stop, 'cause by this time it was snowing pretty good outside. But as our luck would have it, the bus we were waiting for never came. For basketball games the college runs buses to parts of town so that you can park your car and not have to worry about having to find a parking space near the arena. You do, however, have to pay 4 bucks to ride the bus. My dad being the cheapscape that he is wouldn't pay the 8 bucks to let us take the bus. No, we had to walk there. I was in my light jacket freezing my a** off not mention I couldn't feel the hand that was holding the umbrella. It was not fun. We finally got to the game and I got my Chick-fil-a sandwitch, chips and a drink. Was it worth it? No. The team I was going for even lost the game! I propose that for the sake of losing games that I never walk to a game ever again...especially in a snow storm.