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Job Possibilities?
So... I'm applying for a job, at the Denver Public Library, it is in their western history and genealogy department. What'll I be doing if I get said job? Scanning, archiving, digitizing, repairing and otherwise preserving vintage photographs.

Now doesn't that sound just bloody cool as hell? I think it does.

I have all of the skills they're asking for... Photoshop, yup, Traditional Darkroom Skills, yup (have my own Darkroom at home yah know?), Knowledge of Vintage photographic processes? Oh yeah. Customer Service skills? Uh Huh, Technical computer skills... heh, they ask for 6 mos, I have about 6 years of IT support.

So... I'm going for it.

Wish me luck kk?


:heart: By the awesome UrshyZ! :heart: