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Now officially using this Journal for RPing!
Ehehehe. I am. smilies/icon_ninja.gif I also went back, looked at my old entries... and that thing on the 23rd? That was me freaakkiinn' out because I got asked out the day before. smilies/icon_xd.gif Nice.


Name: Budouki
Age: 15
Race: Human
Apperance: A kitty hat, purple wavy hair, purple arm stockings, a purple dress, purple socks, purple leg warmers, and large platform shoes. Skinny.
Personality: Very curious, but also fun-loving. She has a wild streak and loves to party with her friends. She has a habit of blurting out what she's thinking, and is secretly a huge dork for video games. She also likes to sing and dance, although not good at all at either. A strange tidbit is that she has an extreme obsession with grape - that is what her name means, so I guess it was prophetic. Is almost like a human trash disposal in eating habits. Extremely destructive when angry, and extremely loud sobbing and confused when she's sad.