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Funny Quotes vol.3!!!
Yes I'm back with more funny quotes. I'm continuing it with a new journal entry because I didn't want the second one to get to long. That's just silly. Now, what I typed in the first and second entry applies to this one. If you see your quote up here and you don't want me to use it, just tell me and I'll take it down. Now start laughing your asses off while I work my a** off....*dies*

Jezabel(talking to Zarudin): Exactly! You have thunder thighs! D&

Midori:I saw that roach advertisement once! It was while I was typing up a PM to a friend, I had turned away for one second, turned back, and saw those roaches crawling around! I hit the computer screen with a shoe and then I realized it was fake. XD

Jezabel:"But how would they do it?"(talking about Protoman/Megaman yaoi)
Sakura:"I don't know, give 'em a p***s or something or press the "Escape Button".
Jezabel: XD
Sakura:"Phoenix Something Attorney." D&

Zarudin:Midori, your email is right?
Midori:No, its 206.
Zarudin:Then who the hell is this?

Sakura:"Imma call Animal 911 on you!" D&

Zarudin:"Who's Danzo?"
Jezabel:"An old man in Naruto!"
Zarudin:"Oh, he's a bad mamajama!"

Sakura-chama:"Get me a Philly Cheese Steak while your there!"
Zarudin:"Damn you fat! You might as well get the cheese from Wisconsin!"

Sakura-chama:"I bought Death Metro!...Dark Metro...."

Jezabel:"I have something to tell you!"
Jezabel:"I have a Korean boyfriend!"

Hughes' Wife:"Honey, its here."
Hughes:"The tea?"
Hughes' Wife:"The baby!"

Sakura-chama:"He's so Asianese!"(talking about my boyfriend)

Jezabel:"You know that hot Korean singer I'm always talking about?"
Zarudin:"Oh, Rain the noun!"
Jezabel:"Lol, Rain the noun..."

Zarudin:"So yea Kim..."
Zarudin:"Ok um...theres this shows this guy dancing, well waving his hands up in the air on top of your head."

Sakura-chama:"...And Reala is a beefy hotdog!" D<

Stay tuned! smilies/icon_rofl.gif

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