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Horrible Day...
Dear Diary,

First and foremost...

Happy New Year!!!

Now, to the ranting.... oh boy....

Today was okay... Well, the morning at least. Went to work, got paid... realized I really needed my own job... went to Indigo and bought a book after lunch.... then went back to work, then home.

Now is where it gets pretty bad. Talked to the boyfriend, then the mood swings started. I began feeling depressed even though I knew that I had a lot of things going for me. I began to cry and such, for unknown and mixed reasons. Alas, I couldn't really stop the tears and didn't want to either. I still kinda feel that way, but it's not near as bad as it was this afternoon.

Anyhow, after talking to a friend, I decided to go to his house for a while, in hopes that I wouldn't give in to the feelings of depression and suicidal thoughts.

Anyhow... that's my horrible day. Maybe if I get some sleep tonight, I won't feel like s**t tomorrow...

Anywho, Happy New Year again, diary. It's been too long that you've put up with me. Congratulations. I'm currently working on your medal.

Anyhow yet again, until we meet again,