Karmarsi Kedamoki
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Wow how long has it been since I updated this!? Aw who cares. Christmas break is over which annoys the world outta me. I'm still not liking my classes at School. /pif I don't like my English teacher. Well he's a sub but he thinks he rules the place. Like half of my class is gone! Like 10 people are left! I do like my 1st 2cd hours, Math and Math Lab. SUDOKU ROCKS! I still have D Lunch >_> 4th hour I got Earth Space Science we did learn how to make a cloud. Yay for labs, now I'm not scared to light a match XD 5hour, Geography, Mr O'Reilly is a grumpy pants o.o You're the meat heat Mr O! I remember either Kari or Macy calling him a Cucomber cause of his green shirt.

As for Christmas it went great. I got 5 new games for my DS. Kirby: Squeak Squad, Final Fantasy XIII: Revenant Wings, Hasmterz Life 2, Mario Party DS and Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. Also got my class ring, WOO! I also got a blue beany baby bear with the number 24 on its back and Jeff Gordons signature. I also got tons of Warm Vanilla Suger stuff o.0 New years kinda bit it was good since I had my special person to talk to. smilies/icon_heart.gif

So Yea, how was your holidays?