Kina Sayuki
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I am a vampire/demon/neko girl i lived with my mother as my sister Ayame lived with are demon father my mother was a vampire as i am partly i lived a pretty rough life i am 16 as is my sister Ayame we are twins yet we are both very diffrent in ways i feel so much love and yet pain as well i feel so much emotion are mother died 3 horrible years ago as i live off with my twin sister Ayame she has lost her memory and i try to help as best i can we both have our diffrences we are total oppisit of each other but we have put aside are diffrences and travel almost every whare together i love her so much as i see she has found a man she has taken intrest in his name
Shirosaki he is a kind man and i could get use to having him around with me and Ayame he goes off somtimes but i mean that is non of my concern as i keep a close eye on Ayame are brith day is the same i love Ayame to death and i love her so much i wish to find a kind husband as i do wish for Ayame and shirosaki the same

When i frist met Ayame i kind of thought a little diffrent of her but now i love her to death and i could not bear anything to happen to her no matter what. . . i would risk my life to save hers and shirosaki would do the same for her

Are father is King of demons to me i think he has no heart...He . . .killed are mother by sending a hallow named nano and i do regret this but if he hadnt me and Ayame would have never met so i am great full in a way and yet i feel so empty with out are mother. . . she had so much kindness and love. . . i dont see how he could do such a thing to her. . . .he's a monster. . . .and i swear i will kill him on my life

My kitten is siyo she is white and fluffy i love her she has been with me sense i was a little girl i love her so much i couldnt bear to lose her ethier

I have special healing powers of a godess i can heal about anything i can abolish any curse or spell i cast some spells at times and i can protect anyone