Yun San
Community Member
today i finishes my project which i was sooo happy about
but i still feel worthless v,v
i feel like im losin my friends
and thats the last thing i want to do
if i lost them
i dont know what i would do
ive lost soo many friends before (because of moving soo much)
i just cant pick up the pieces of me if i lose more friends
i feel like i have to be someone else to keep my friends but I JUST WANT TO BE ME!!!!!!!!!
but when im me
people could care less
but when im someone else
then people like me
i dont know what to do

ive cared about others feelings soo much but in the past my caring was for nothing
i still care but for what
i guess im sick and tired of caring for others and not caring for myself

i feel like ive been fighting a battle for others even when im weak i still must fight
but will i be able to stop the battle and enjoy life?