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Story of my fake muse
I had to write about how I met my muse. I don't have a muse, so I had to make one up. This sound convincing?


I find the rain strangely beautiful. There's something about the drops hitting the ground, and the drafty smell it gives my house. It's relaxing...it makes my worries melt away. Late Saturday afternoon I sat in my kitchen and watched the rain slowly drizzle in my backyard. The day itself was quite a disgusting scene--gray clouds hung low in the sky, joining up with a merciless wind. I watched as the multi-colored leaves were tossed around. Most people would have referred to the day as useless--I referred to it as an opportunity to think of the previous week. Some of the leaves were still, while others were tossed around in what seemed to be a violent fury set by the wind. The rain still fell, looking like tiny needles piercing the ground. I don't know why, but the rain seemed depressingly beautiful--that is to say, while most people hate watching rain fall, I love it. That's when she came to me--my muse, my inspiration. She seemed to hover over me, whispering in my ear. She was only a spiritual version of me. My muse...she spoke in beautiful descriptions, and told me to write them down. She told me that the rain...the rain looked like small glass crystals falling from the sky. She told me that like this beautiful rain, everything once horrible would wash away and disappear. After that, she disappeared. Ironically, the rain stopped and a little sun shone through the clouds. This time, the drops clung to the orange and yellow leaves. The sun flowed through them, truly looking like crystals...small fragile crystals...