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Poems of The Heart
I put barbwire around my heart to keep it safe,
but with it, it is not anymore safe then it was,
around you my heart beats and the barbwire,
cuts it and makes my heart or is it love,
i'm afried to to know, can i trust it or leave it alone.
is this something that will go away or something,
that will stay.

Hate or Love
Is hate real or is love,
is there life after death,
is there really fear,
or is it our heart and mind saying no,
when our body says yes,
is fear what i want,
or is it love or hate

The Rose
The rose is life after death,
is this true or is this fait,
is one thing another,
or another is just one thing,
maybe the rose is just a flower without meaning,
or meaning with beauty snd life,
is this true or is this fait.

Am I at peace,
or is peace what I see,
why do I say this so,
am I the peace and serenity,
im looking for or are people,
looking for me why is this so.

Love Speaks
Am i at love or love see's me,
what should i do if there is nothing i can see,
do i speak words of love or they speak me,
what is there for me too see,
if there is no love to be.

My heart is broken,
my vocie is un spoken,
do i leave others spoken,
or to be unspoken,
for i should leave my heart broken,
but i will not,
i will not be heart broken and unspoken.

Am i what i see,
or do i see what i want to see,
do i speak but no one can here me,
so why do i say this so.

is music the sound of heart beats or beats of rhythem,
do we hear what they say or sing,
do they really want to say that what has been said,
do they say what others want them to say,
do they have a chocie do they have the bigger voice,
or do they have the smaller voice,
so do i say this is true.

Life the word
life is a world meaning,
is meaning a word that no one gets,
but if we don't get it,
does this mean we dont get life itself.

is questions a thing we need,
or are the questions the real reson,
our world is in danger,
is this another way to express ourself's,
is this the the true question or is it not,
now that is the true question.

Mothers and Fathers
mothers and fathers are the ones we love the most,
but do we always love them,
will we never forget them,
have they done us any wrong,
mothers and fathers made us for what we are today,
is this just a saying,
are they really helping us or are they pushing us away,
is this the truth we wish not t
o speak.[/size]